Calinth — The Sea Voyage

We traveled to Teziir and most of us found shelter in the Temple of Dezir. Our mounts were to be well cared for there. The next morning we were able to hire a ship to take us to Cedarspoke. Calimir spoke highly of this city, and I had some high interest in seeing it.

Boarding the ship I removed my armor. I’ve heard too many stories of knights and others sinking to the depths because the refused to remove the heavy metal they wore. While I did feel unprotected without it, I was sure of my skills, and my god. If I am meant to survive this trip, I will. Armor or not I will give the good fight if required.

The first part of the trip was very smooth sailing. I was able to get in my prayers and practice some defensive and offensive battle moves on ship. Getting my sea legs if we needed to battle could be important.

As we neared the area of the Pirate Isles, we came upon a ship in distress. Calimir sent out his eagle to get a better look at the ship. Apparently he knows the language of birds and is able to get good information. He said it looked like there were heavy casualties on board. There was a bit of uneasiness amount the crew and our group. No one could say exactly what the problem was, but it sometimes pays to be wary. We slowly approach as our cleric Roan prepared a spell or two to discover the nature of the ship’s problem. I kept a close eye on the ship and the survivors.

When we got close enough, I looked for any evil auras around the ship’s crew and was greatly shocked. The entire ocean around the ship radiated evil. This was a trap for the unwary. I yelled a warning and someone was able to get a shot off at the ship. Something happened and the ship disappeared. In its place was a huge sea monster with many tentacles. The tentacles attacked us and some were enslaved by what appeared to be an evil spell. We could not rouse the some of our group from the seasickness that took them at the beginning of the voyage. The one call Danin looked as though he was going to jump off the ship until he was restrained The rest of us fought as well as we could. For a while, the fight seemed to be going our way Lidia, our hand to hand expert fell unto the beast. A few blows of my sword and some well placed arrows from Calimer finally finished the beast.

Calimer said this creature was known as an aboleth. The slime surrounding it gave him the ability to breath in water for a time. Using this he was able to find some jewels in the belly of the beast. He was able to burst the air bladder so the great beast’s body would sink to the ocean floor.

The remainder of the trip to Cedarspoke was uneventful. Arriving at Cedarspoke, we used our time to replenish supplies and get ready for winter travel. I was able to get many useful supplies and even hire a flat barge to take us up river. This would mean more travel without my armor, but the need is great.

An interesting side note to the day in Cedarspoke was a visit to the local Jewel expert. A rather tacturn dwarf bade us to come in. He was very interested in a large jewel that Calimer pulled from the aboleth. It was apparently a family piece that his brother was known to carry. We told our story on how the piece was found and we toasted to the brother’s memory. Two drinks of the heady dwarven ale was too much for Roan. We were able to guide her back to the inn without any trouble.

We also met the mayor of the town and he told us about the finding out the rules of the village. The penalty for all crimes seemed to be death. This may be somewhat harsh, but from what I could tell it was very effective. This may be a place to retire when I get to the end of my journeys.

Calimir was able to add two wolves to his growing number of animal companions. His rapport with them seems to equal the rapport I have with my steed Xerxes. One extra young wolf followed Olric out of the area too.

A few more drinks at the Memorial for the fallen dwarf and we were ready to make our way up river the next day.

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The Sea Voyage complete, next chapter, A Raft Upriver.

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