Calinth — the Journey Up River

This journal has taken longer to compose than others. With the troubles that could occur on the river voyage through this area, we spent long hours on watch. It was all I could do to keep with the my daily vigils to Denir.

The first day was almost uneventful. Calimir’s eagle made a hard landing in the water, and Roan dove in the water to save the animal. Calimir was in the water soon after that. The bird was saved and that will most likely be a good thing. The extra eyes that Calimir’s animal companions give us could be invaluable.

During the night, something chewed on the ropes that attached our raft to the mules. If we hadn’t noticed this, our raft could have drifted loose from the shore. Nobody in our group could determine the animal or beast that chewed on the ropes. The closest they could get was it was some type of lizard. All I could think was that it was some big lizard.

It was soon apparent what caused the problems with the ropes. We were attacked by Kuo-tao. Our group suffered some serious injuries that used most of Roan’s spells and all of mine to cure our group. We would both need to rest and pray to be able to do that again. No other battles happened that day, and we could only hope the rest of the day was uneventful.

That evening our mules were taken. And one of our own was missing. Olric looked like he wandered off. And from the trail that Calimir found, hit looked like he went with or took the mules. Calimir took off like the wind leaving, Roan, Jestarra and myself to follow. Lidia, Danin and Thadin stayed at the campsite to guard the other mules and the boat crew.

Roan and I soon realized that our progress was nowhere near the speed we needed to catch up with Calimir. While she prayed for way of travel, I prayed to Denir to give me a way to catch up with Calimir. Soon a magic stag appeared before Roan, she was able to carry Jestarra on the path that Calimir made. Then a Griffin landed before me, I was able to mount it and join the group.

We heard a large roar, and the screams of men. Our flight to battle needed to be quick. We were shocked to find Calimir and Olric battling a green dragon. My new mount was able to attack from the air and we caused some damage to the beast, but it was not going to be enough. Attack after attack was made on the dragon, and it seemed to be more than a match for our partial group. Even with the speed of flight, my mount and I could not have made it back to the river in time to get re-enforcements. We were in for a battle for our lives. Every move we made seemed to countered by the dragon. I’m not sure we were doing a lot of damage to it at all. I was able to strike at the evil creature four times that day, but this did not kill the beast. As we fought the beast, we were suffering heavy damage. If something was not done soon, we would die fighting this beast. It took flight after one last hit, but it was not killed. The griffin and I took flight after it, but its speed was too great. We lost the dragon before we reached the river. Flying back we regrouped to take care of our wounds.

Not the best day for battle, but Danir saw to it that something good did come out of this. I have a most wonderful mount, a Griffin named Hazel. We should be able to do much good in the world. But I will need to better my riding skills soon. Falling off at a height, could be perilous.

— Journey up river to continue…

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