Calinth — A New Mission

It all started in the common room of the “Giant’s Folly”. A ship right in the middle of Reddansyr. Miles away from any port. The ship was turned into an Inn. Run by a very talkative gnome, who told the tale of a relative (should have paid more attention), gambling with a giant. The result of that gambling was this ship right in the middle of town.

As is my habit, I was only slightly paying attention to the good gnome. I was watching the people coming in and out of the tavern. I’m far from subtle when I enter a room. I was clad in plate, even though I left my gloves and helmet with my steed. I had no fear of anyone taking off with those things, or the saddle bags. My steed, Xerxes, know his business as no other. Gentle with children and the weak, but deadly to any who dare try something with him. A war horse for a holy knight needs that training.

A small group of travelers came in. I was almost certain they were with each other. They had that way of walking as though they had some bond of trust. It was almost certain that they trusted their lives at one point or another to each other. A tall blue skinned man came up to the bar. I had a feeling he was at least partially ‘Genasi’ I’ve heard stories of them, but never met one in person. He had the look of a warrior to him. I gave him a hale greeting and offered him the open seat. He seemed hesitant at first, but gave me a good warrior’s grasp and sat down. He was joined by a female cleric. Other members of the group spread out in the common area.

The cleric, named Roan, was a cleric of my god. Always good to see one on my journeys. To talk of the faith with one who knows it, is beneficial for me. The fighter’s name was Calimir. They were on a quest to help guide a fellow knight of Denir on his quest. I had that feeling again. Denir was calling to me, so I offered my humble services to the quest. I was going to allow the group to talk about it, but with not more than a subtle gesture (if that) between the Roan and Calimir, my offer was accepted.

They started relaxing and talking about a narrow escape from city of Vampires. I took note of that, it may be a place to come back to. Talk went on to more mundane things, so I started watching the people in the common room again. A few scoundrels in the corner could require my attention later, but one thing stood out. A young boy was begging for scraps and coin moved from table to table. He had a look of evil that was odd for his apparent age. I needed to find out more, quickly. He needed to be shown the error of his ways. If I could get a foothold in soon, he might travel a better path.

I offered him a few coins to help with my steed. He gladly took the offer. I lead him to the stable, but kept a steady eye on him. The evil was very apparent to me, and I wanted to take as little risk as possible. He pulled a knife out of somewhere, and looked ready to attack. Once we reached the stable I gave him little chance. Grabbing him by the neck, I slammed him into a wall. A little gentle persuasion would get some answers for me.

Unfortunately for me, I found that this was no mere boy. He was some sort of shape shifter. In my hands he grew to the size of an ogre. His mass didn’t grow with him so I hit him hard to knock him senseless. I couldn’t seem to get a rope tied to him, so I was going to set my steed to guard him while I went back to the tavern to get either the cleric or the blue fighter. This ‘boy’ seemed very interested in their stories, so I thought they might like to question him.

To my surprise, Calimir was just outside the door of the stable. I called him over, to show him who I found. His words were simple when he came in. “Damn, a Doppleganger.” With that he sent his bird to get help. Questioning the thing did little good for us, in the end it was better to take its life. His death made the world slightly safer.

After this happened, I was introduced to more of the group. Thadin was a student of magic. Lidia, was a student of weaponless combat. Olric was a very tall, large man, definitely carried himself as a fighter would. Jestarra had the look of a ranger. I imagine Calimir was also a ranger, but he carried himself just a bit different than Jestarra. Danin said he was a fighter, but I saw no weapons on him. I was more than a bit concerned. I sensed no evil in the group, and it was sanctioned by Denir, so my concerns could wait until a later time.

We spent the night in town, hoping to leave early the next day to travel to Teziir to get a ship. I hate travel by ship, but this was the way we needed to go.

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