Posted by: justj | March 27, 2009

Something I need to do

It has been quite a long time since I took any of my telescopes out to gaze at the night sky. I’ve had many excuses, but they were just that, excuses. I think I’m really beginning to miss that hobby of mine.

The first thing I need to do is have a talk with my boss. Some of the best nights of the year are going to be happening in the near future. I need to be able to plan some time off on a quick basis if I know the sky will be clear.

I love early spring, because some of the wonderful winter constellations are visible just after sunset, and if you are up long enough, some of the summer constellations are there in the morning. On top of that, the spring time just starts to have some warmer nights. Not summery warm, but you don’t end up fighting the frost bite you do in the winter.

Right now, it doesn’t look like clear skies, but my favorite place to check this sort of thing, is forecasting favorable viewing tonight.

I hope it is clear when I get home tonight, I may take my little scope out to view the heavens above me.

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Cool link. Maybe you should bring a portable telescope over some time – I would be interested in looking through one. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before…

About the only astronomy I can do here is to install some astronomy software. I did take an astronomy class a few years ago and got a chance to use the telescope at the school’s observatory though.

I have a friend with a BIG telescope. We used it one summer and I haven’t seen it since. I need to remind him he has that and get it out again. Stars are cool.

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