A few words about me. I’m a father, widower, computer nerd, astronomy nut, and community theater actor, and BIG Indiana Jones Fan (Yes, that is an official Indiana Jones Hat, still working on the leather jacket). Thoughts about various things fill my head at various time. This will be my place to empty the head and start filling it up again.

One more thing I think I should have added from the beginning. I know my way around a kitchen. I always thought of that place as my own little laboratory. My cooking experiments are famous (or infamous) in my family….. Various ingredients are my chemistry set….

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[…] the gang made its third and final trek to ScreamAcres.  I just had to go in costume.  Justj also came dressed in very authentic attire for the world’s most reknowned archaeologist. If I […]

Hey, it’s BSK from the board. I wanted to let you know that my blog moved. Here’s the new link:


Hope you’re hanging in there! Take care!

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